março 16, 2011

Berkeley Conference

Dear Participants in the Berkeley Conference,

We can all be proud of the success of our conference. I wish to thank you all for your contributions, your active involvement in the discussions and your cooperation in the other activities of the conference and celebration. I trust your trips home were not difficult.

At our roundtable lunch, we agreed that we should publish the papers of the conference. This left Antonio and me to work out the details.
We have decided that papers should be in English and no longer than 6000 words, including footnotes, and that we should receive your written papers by July 1 of his year. We hope that all of you will be willing to contribute your papers. Antonio and I will act as editors. The paper should be based on your presentation unless we agree on a change. As editors we shall be responsible that the papers meet the word limit and conform to the style and nature of such a volume. We have a good lead on a potential publisher which we will follow up.

Yours cordially,

Dick Herr

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